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Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is not Okay

Watching this made me cringe completely:

Heteronormativity Epitomized

This link was submitted to us with the following comment:

"A high school voted that the title of cutest couple in their yearbook should be given to two lesbian teens. I think this is personally awesome, but watch what Fox News had to say about this, and lesbian sexuality. Pretty sure somebody needs to wash their mouths with soap after saying the things the host of Fox News said (among them being that the kids voted for them in order to cause mischief aka the vote wasn't "sincere"). It's horrible to think people have on strict view of what is "proper" sexuality still." - Natalie

I can't move past the nature of the discourse used in this discussion as one that is utterly homophobic, heteronormative, and ultimately oppressive beyond belief. I am also disturbed at O'Reilly's shameless interruptions and condescending manner of speaking. One can always count on FOX for this type of garbage! Definitely disheartening.

- Vivian


Anonymous said...

Also more recently I'm sure many know of the "media war" between Obama and the White house against Fox news. There are event statistics that portray people who watch FOX news viewers are less informed about the war in Iraq (I.E. something like 33% of viewers of FOX believed we found weapons of mass destruction compared to viewers who didn't watch had 6% believe so and there's a ton more).
O'Reilly is HUGE for being condescending to liberal issues and always interrupts and actually tells guests on his show to "shut up" when they do not agree with his conservative views.
Anyways there is sooo much more on this -- but what's sad is other media sources are BACKING FOX news based on defending the right of free speech by the press. Free speech is important, however when FOX news can influence the gross misunderstandings in which hate is promoted and the information is not based on facts and therefore unreliable.. it can have consequences and justify hate as well.

p.s - thanks for the inclusion of queer articles on this blog.

Anonymous said...

oh my goddddddd. that was bloody awful.