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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nobody warned me about the noises

Call for Submissions

WASH is in the process of putting together a new zine issue! (Currently we have
two issues out which you can get more information about here)

We want this issue to be filled by experience-based pieces about the funny/awkward/odd parts of sex that nobody talks about (and by sex, of course, we are referring to any and all of its gazillion variations and definitions). Among other things, this was inspired by something a mortified friend said to one of us shortly after she began having sex with a partner: "NOBODY WARNED ME ABOUT THE NOISES!!!!"

I think that sums up a lot about what we want to do with this.

Anyway, basically we want to discuss all the cringing and sloppiness and flopping and awkwardness that really plays a part of any kind of sex. As we mentioned, this zine is going to be largely based on personal/experience pieces and so, we are looking for you to submit stories, poetry, art, anything that you feel is relevant and you feel comfortable sharing. We welcome anonymous entries - please specify whether you want your name/information disclosed with your submission.

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password: secret

*Please type "Submission: nobody warned me" in the subject field.

- Vivian

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sexsomnia, not a threat?!?!

Man with sexsomnia not a threat

I don't think I will ever understand the massive lack in systems of accountability when it comes to cases of sexual assault.

- Vivian

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is not Okay

Watching this made me cringe completely:

Heteronormativity Epitomized

This link was submitted to us with the following comment:

"A high school voted that the title of cutest couple in their yearbook should be given to two lesbian teens. I think this is personally awesome, but watch what Fox News had to say about this, and lesbian sexuality. Pretty sure somebody needs to wash their mouths with soap after saying the things the host of Fox News said (among them being that the kids voted for them in order to cause mischief aka the vote wasn't "sincere"). It's horrible to think people have on strict view of what is "proper" sexuality still." - Natalie

I can't move past the nature of the discourse used in this discussion as one that is utterly homophobic, heteronormative, and ultimately oppressive beyond belief. I am also disturbed at O'Reilly's shameless interruptions and condescending manner of speaking. One can always count on FOX for this type of garbage! Definitely disheartening.

- Vivian

That's Gay

That's Gay is a recurring segment on infoMania, addressing clueless/negative/horrifying media portrayals of gay and lesbian identities in a way that is simplified, insightful, and super funny. I find this a really interesting medium to disperse information about important issues and to allow people to question their own biases and reproduction of oppressive ideas. It's the sort of thing that makes you laugh and think at the same time, making is accessible and easy to engage with.

I love you Bryan Safi!

- Vivian