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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oral Sex and STD/Is

Though the likelihood of getting HIV from oral sex is relatively low (unless there is a cut sore sore in the mouth (i.e. from dental work) through which infected semen/vaginal fluid can enter the body) there are plenty of STD/Is that are easily transmitted through unprotected oral sex. The most common of these is herpes (which is treatable but cannot be cured). Other common ones are gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphillis and non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) (these can usually be treated with antibiotics - usually, not always).

Here is a table of STD/Is and associated risks which might help clear things up:
STD Chart


- Vivian

Sexual Assault: Campus Resources

I volunteered with an organization called Sexual Assault Survivors Support Line (SASSL) in my 2nd year at York and I can definitely vouch for it as a wonderful organization that really reaches out within and outside of campus to promote awareness about sexual assault and to provide support and referrals to survivors of sexual assault. I figured I would try to find similar resources/information on other Toronto university websites (if you do not attend any of the three universities in Toronto let us know and we can help you find adequate resources).

Note: some of the resources available (i.e. on the Ryerson website/pamphlet) are not specific to sexual assault but are still useful to provide referrals and such.

SASSL at York

Safety Nets at Ryerson

- Vivian

Sexual Harassment Office at U of T

Does Oral Sex Qualify as Sex?

Here's a great article that looks at how sex is defined. Most individuals limit sex to vaginal penetration of a penis. WASH's definition? Sex = all of the great activities that get you off! Whether it's masturbating on your own or getting someone else to help you, enjoy your sex!

- Alice